South Florida Academy of Excellence

About South Florida Academy of Excellence

why choose sfae?


South Florida Academy of Excellence (SFAE) delivers an affordable online or virtual learning experience for families that choose to homeschool their children. While SFAE primarily serves families in Florida, we offer our services to the entire United and States. We share our attention to students ranging from K-12. Our services are available all year, so that our students and their families can choose a schedule and timeline that best suits their needs. You can find our program listed in the Florida Department of Education’s Directory of Private Schools. We provide services related to record keeping, enrollment verification, report cards, high school diplomas, and transcripts. Another aspect of our program that our families and students love are the social and educational events, field trips as well as other academic extracurricular activities. We strive to keep our programs low cost, so, we greatly appreciate any donations that you might be able to make.


Our mission is to provide a comprehensive program and curriculum for Florida families. Our parents have the control they require to educate their children when it fits their schedule and lifestyle. One goal is to deliver a stimulating, caring educational program that enables our students to reach their full potential. Students that are enrolled in the SFAE programs can graduate with a high school diploma. SFAE offers the following, a modified high school diploma, a secondary education completion certificate, and an honors high school diploma. Another great benefit of our program is that our high school students can earn dual enrollment credits at a variety of colleges and universities across the state.
Once our students graduate, they will be prepared for their next stages in life.

South Florida Academy of Excellence admits students of any creed, race, color, national origin, religion, and/or ethnic origin to all rights, privileges, programs, and activities that are made available or offered to students enrolled at SFAE. SFAE is not affiliated with any religious or political group and our families will not be required to sign a statement of faith. Our belief is that our students, and their families should be appreciated for who they are.