South Florida Academy of Excellence

Frequently Asked Questions

Why do I need to submit immunization and health records if I am homeschooling through SFAE?

These records are required by the state, as SFAE is listed as private school and must comply with the appropriate Florida laws.

When can I enroll in SFAE?

All Year!  We have Open enrollment!

We offer a discount for early registration.  With SFAE, you can enroll any time of the year. You will see we have two payment options, based on your enrollment time. If you enroll between June 1 and Sept. 30, you will enjoy the discounted, early registration fee. The difference in the fee charged is based on the process to transfer a student to SFAE mid-year.  This is helpful for those students previously enrolled in public school.

How do I select curriculum?

With SFAE you have the flexibility to select whatever curriculum you would like. Please note, the curriculum and any educational devices are not included in your enrollment with SFAE. We will send you an enrollment packet that will show you the various options.  SFAE also has an articulation agreement with FLVS.  This allows for Florida residents to take some or all their courses online for free via FLVS. We have many curriculum options for homeschoolers. You can do a quick search engine look up for ‘grade ____ homeschool curriculum’ this will show you some of the options available.  When researching, make sure you factor your budget and your course delivery preference (textbook, unit studies, note booking, online, etc…)  Another important note, High school students need to choose a “verifiable” curriculum for SFAE to be able to confirm their courses and associated grades.

What is a course plan?

It’s important for each students’ parents to have a course plan. This will help to map out the school curriculum for the upcoming year.  Parents are encouraged to enter their course plan in our reporting portal.  The typical information included in the course plan would be the name of the curriculum used and can also include reading lists, as well as any course descriptions needed, and any grading plans that might be required.  These course plans are tentative and have the flexibility to be changed anytime.

What if my student is a senior this year?

Congratulations!  Senior year is a great milestone. Your senior year student can join SFAE and be able to graduate with their high school diploma.   Once they have completed the SFAE minimum of one year, or 75 school days, your student will be eligible to graduate. Of course, as part of our standard procedure, we will verify the previous academic years have been successfully completed.  As a reference, all verifiable documentation to support your students’ grades are due within 30 days of enrollment with SFAE.   We will need a copy of your FLVS or other transcripts.  If your student is transferring to SFAE from out of state, the verifiable documentation must be consistent with the homeschool laws of your state for all credits to transfer.  All associated costs and fees can be found on our fee schedule.

What “counts” as schoolwork?

Here again is where our flexibility shows itself.  There is more than one correct answer to this question.  The answer really depends on the way you would like to structure your homeschool program.  This can include in seat instruction, but our learning can be much more than that. Learning for our students can be experiential and include hands on experiences.  It can also be student led or driven. One time that might surprise you, field trips can count as schoolwork, as well as educational free play can count as schoolwork.  Finally, interest based student led learning can also count towards your students schoolwork

Why does SFAE require quarterly grade reporting?

While we are a homeschool, SFAE is technically a private school.  Our program includes participation in the Bright Future’s scholarship, when finished, our students will graduate with a high school diploma, and most importantly, our students apply and get accepted into colleges. So that SFAE can continue to participate in these things, we must remain and maintain our accountability. So, as standard practice SFAE reports grades each quarter. Furthermore, SFAE has an open policy to accept students from all over the U.S. and its territories.  Due to this, we must maintain compliance with all applicable laws.  

Why does SFAE require annual attendance reporting?

Due to our status as a private school in Florida, SFAE is required to follow all private school laws in the state. This includes the requirement that all students complete and document 180 days of school (minimum) per year.

How will I know if my student is progressing if end-of-year testing is not required?

It’s important to understand, with homeschooling, you, the parent are also a teacher.  We find that end of year testing can be significantly affected by outside influences such as social pressures, anxiety driven from tests and other various reasons.  Our belief is that test results are not a comprehensive or fair assessment of your child’s abilities when it comes to academics.   It is important for you, the parent to stay actively involved in your childs educational process.

Does SFAE issue refunds?

We request all payments to be made in advance of receiving any services.  All SFAE fees paid are non-refundable.

How are grades, attendance, and course plans submitted?

Once you are signed up with the SFAE program, you will be sent your reporting portal credentials for login.  It is here you will be able to see all of your student’s information.  This portal is part of your standard enrollment fee and there are not additional costs associated.

Can my student transfer to a public-school next year?

Yes.  At any time, if you and your student choose to switch to a different school, you can.  The new school may ask your student to go through a series of placement tests. This would simply be to make sure they are placed in the proper class levels.

What is the difference between registering with an umbrella and registering as a homeschooler with my county?

An umbrella school is a private school, that you can be directly registered with.  If not, and you are homeschooling your student, you need to be registered with the state.  In this case, you would need to find a teacher to review your student’s portfolio and sign a form that would “pass” them onto the next grade.